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3 reasons why we love to go to the sea

Summer. Sun. Sea. Waves crashing on the shore. Golden sun reflecting in the water. Hot sand burning underfoot. There is no doubt that summer is a wonderful magic. A magical combination of pleasures, good friends, sea and sun.

It may not be sunny outside anymore, but our souls are filled with a sunny mood. Although winter is just around the corner, we are already anxiously awaiting next summer. With a little nostalgia for the past summer and with a longing that the upcoming one will be magical, we decided to share with you our 3 reasons why we love going to the sea.

We are making new memories

Vacation at sea means more time for our loved ones. For loved ones, relatives and friends. A time when we can do new things together, visit new places, make new memories.

If you are considering a holiday with the little ones, our recommendation is to look for options for a four-star holiday with children in Golden Sands. The resort town offers excellent conditions for an unforgettable summer vacation. It is quiet and peaceful, yet close enough to Varna and all the entertainment there. You are sure to have a great time and be able to create memories together. And memories are so precious. They are like treasures that we jealously guard in our souls and that warm our hearts.

We’re back with a bunch of stories to tell

A holiday at sea gives us the opportunity for the whole family to get involved in a lot of sea fun. A ride on a water bike, banana boat, boat or boat. Parachuting on the sea, diving, surfing. Where else but at sea can we enjoy these amusements?

The memories we’ve made together become stories to tell. We accumulate stories during our entire stay, and then we rush to share them with relatives, friends, colleagues. There is no doubt that stories with our loved ones are a treasure. And the more of them we have, the happier we feel.

The sea makes us forget about stress

Robert Henry says: “Why do we love the sea? – Because it has the power to make us think about things we like to think about.” And it really is. The sea has the ability to recharge and inspire. It brings joy, longing, hope. It makes us forget about stress and fills us with positive emotions. The waves seem to magically wash away the accumulated pain, sorrow, sadness.

Sipping your favorite cocktail while collecting vitamin D sure feels good. The pleasure of immersing in the sea water and enjoying the sun’s rays is also blissful. If we say that the sea has its own charm that cannot be compared to any other place, we will not be wrong. It is a magic. Or as the Bulgarian writer Stefan Tsanev says, “The sea is always the same and never the same. That’s his magic.”

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