The Monastery of Sts. Constantine and Helena, Varna

With the blessing of the Metropolitan of Varna and Veliki Preslav Dr. Kiril, the “St. St. Constantine and Helena” monastery has started the restoration of pilgrimage tourism. Such tourism was organized annually by the monastery brotherhood until 1944. Many people came to be treated in the mineral springs near the monastery, to feel the fresh sea breeze, to breathe deeply of the clean air, to enjoy the beautiful ascent…

Others were soaking in the “grape baths” – one of the main activities of the monastic brothers was grape treatment – using the fruits of the monastery vineyard, now better known through the wine product brand “Evksinograd”. And by no means lastly, the faithful offered prayers before the miraculous icon of “St. Equal-to-the-Apostles Constantine and Helena”. They confessed, received the Holy Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. They sang psalms and spiritual songs, filled the surroundings with praises to God!

The spiritual revival of the monastery has now begun. Every week and on holidays, the Mystery of Mysteries, the Holy Liturgy is served. The other mysteries are also performed, such as baptism, matrimony, burial…

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